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Shoot-through detector using FPGA

This project allows to detect a shoot-through condition on digital drivers. The FPGA board used is Mimas A7 Mini from Numato Lab, the code is written in Verilog and IDE is Vivado. What is shoot-through? In a half-bridge stage (Fig 2), if both transistors are driven simultaneously, even for a few nanoseconds, a shoot-through condition

4Bit Division Verilog Example on Zynq FPGA

This small sketch demonstrates the four bit division operation on Zybo FPGA board. Zybo is a small and cheap board from Digilent, equipped with powerful Xilinx’s Zynq chip. This sketch was implemented to use only the PL, but neither PS nor ARM. The usage is simple: on switches 3:0 select the upper four bits of