New toy – ZYBO

The parcel arrived yesterday with the new toy.


Together with The Zynq Book is a great start to learning embedded, and that from several points of view:

  1. digital design, FPGA, VHDL, Verilog, accelerators, multimedia processing
  2. embedded software for a ARM Cortex-A9 dual core platform
  3. Linux with all of it, from the boot process to the drivers development

The most important thing is the vision of the interface of hardware with software this platform offers.

The board can be found easily and arrives quickly in Romania, even if it is sent from across the ocean – I ordered it on Monday and Friday the courier came with it. The book is for free in electronic format, and quite cheap in the printed version.

I’ll come back with examples. Currently I’m a beginner in this area, so there will not be science-fiction examples 🙂 .

Here is one simple example: 4 bit division.

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