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Yet Another Switch Mode Power Supply Conversion

DIY Switch-mode Constant Current Supply So, this is the story: I needed a some 1A+ current source, maybe 1.5A, for sure no more than 2Amps. You will suggest that I can use a bench power supply in current limited mode. But the top-bench supplies are heavy and expensive. Furthermore, I do not want to carry

Home made Trackball

Do you have a free weekend and  an old mouse to throw away? Here’s how you can save the mouse and lose the 2 days – yes, I know, it’s not a big deal, but this is not an economics page.

DIY Media player with Raspberry Pi 2

How can we transform a normal TV, equipped with an HDMI port, into a smart TV? Using a simple Raspberry Pi 2 plus some other hardware components together with a free player software originally called XBMC, now renamed as KODI.