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Yet Another Switch Mode Power Supply Conversion

DIY Switch-mode Constant Current Supply So, this is the story: I needed a some 1A+ current source, maybe 1.5A, for sure no more than 2Amps. You will suggest that I can use a bench power supply in current limited mode. But the top-bench supplies are heavy and expensive. Furthermore, I do not want to carry

Home made Trackball

Do you have a free weekend and  an old mouse to throw away? Here’s how you can save the mouse and lose the 2 days – yes, I know, it’s not a big deal, but this is not an economics page.

Trackball făcut acasă

Ai un sfârșit de săptămână liber și un mouse vechi numai bun de aruncat? Iată cum poți să salvezi mouse-ul și să pierzi cele 2 zile – da, știu, nu e mare afacere, dar nici asta nu e o pagină de economie.